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Fun Stuff!

Yippee!  You're selling your house!               




Hey kids, here's something fun you can do.  Try to find all the words below in the group of letters to the right.  Some of them are hidden well, but we think you'll be able to find them all pretty fast! 















l  t  g  m  s  r  c  j  z  t  d  t  b  n  n
i  x  i  y  n  d  e  e  c  h  s  r  e  s  o
q  r  n  h  h  r  n  e  h  t  f  i  b  y  i
t  o  q  o  t  o  p  e  l  n  g  b  n  x  t
i  s  u  m  i  s  o  u  i  h  k  x  f  r  u
i  m  o  e  e  t  s  r  b  r  y  l  e  g  l
n  k  z  r  f  e  i  o  a  l  f  n  i  y  o
t  t  i  u  r  r  r  d  s  y  v  w  l  l  s
e  r  c  n  k  h  i  a  n  l  g  v  e  o  q
g  s  x  h  o  n  o  e  t  o  e  p  r  n  i
r  v  d  o  d  l  o  s  n  o  c  g  d  n  k
i  l  d  m  o  q  k  n  o  d  f  y  h  q  l
t  r  v  e  w  i  n  w  i  n  l  a  n  o  a
y  i  a  g  c  p  g  k  h  q  v  y  e  a  a
r  e  f  f  o  h  s  a  c  k  c  i  u  q  s




If you're a good spy, you can discover a helpful
moving tip for you and your family!

When spies need to send messages, they often use one letter to mean another.  To 
figure out what this sentence says, you need to figure out what the code is.  Some have 
been done for you to help you out a bit, but even with the hints, this one is REALLY hard.  
Good Luck!  




Which Houses Are Identical?               

When a family buys a new home, they usually make some changes.  In this neighborhood, though, two of the families decided not to make any changes at all.  For this reason, those two homes are identical.  Can you find the two identical homes? 
Be sure to look carefully! 

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